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CIC energiGUNE 2018

CIC energiGUNE's new video 2018

38 Reunion del Grupo de Electroquimica de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Quimica

Del 5 al 7 de julio de 2017 CIC energiGUNE albergo la 38 Reunion del Grupo de Electroquimica de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Quimica con el objetivo de continuar el esfuerzo de las ediciones anteriores de fomentar y divulgar la investigacion generada por los diferentes grupos que trabajan en el campo de la electroquimica, impulsando el intercambio cientifico y academico entre los investigadores, docentes y estudiantes asistentes y propiciando al mismo tiempo el establecimiento de vinculos mas estrechos entre la comunidad electroquimica y el sector industrial.

Power our future 2017

2017's was the third edition of CIC energiGUNE's Conference where the latest international research and development in electrochemical power storage technologies were presented.

Dry Room

This infrastructure enables innovative concepts within different technologies to beprototyped or tested using semi-automated processes close to those used in industry.In this way, the scale of the battery/supercapacitor is increased, enabling their testingclose to reality.

Being able to obtain final systems in a semi-industrial way reduces the technological riskto a large extent and accelerates the jump from the research field to industrial transfer.The economic impact is therefore reduced.

Making prototypes of batteries and supercapacitors is a key step to bring concepts/developments to the market through research.

CIC energiGUNE is a European reference centre which is one of the few research centresthat have a prototyping line. It is also the first in Spain to include the entire processingwithin a dry room.

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