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Laboratory technician for Thermal Energy Storage ( TES Area ) Sólo en [en]?

  The thermal energy storage group of CIC Energigune is focused on the research of different classes of materials for thermal energy storage application. The goal is to identify the most promising candidates for a future application in the field of power generation and industrial waste heat processes, among others. We are now inviting applications for a Technician position in the area of Thermal Energy Storage TES. The...

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Postdoctoral Position in high energy electrodes for advanced batteries Sólo en [en]?

CIC Energigune is looking for a Post-doctoral Researcher to perform applied research on Energy Storage devices within the framework of a European project.           Job function: Preparation of composites and laminates. Cell assembly, electrochemical and physical characterization. Study of the interface problems between different components of the cell. Publish in peer reviewed journals; contribute to scientific research papers, reports, review articles; present oral reports.

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Postdoctoral Position in Solid Electrolytes towards Prototyping Sólo en [en]?

CIC Energigune is looking for a Post-doctoral Researcher to work on Energy Electrochemical Storage devices within the framework of applied fundamental research activities and industrial projects on solid state batteries. Job function:  · Develop ceramic-based materials into functional solid electrolyte layers and integration into solid-state electrochemical cells · Characterize materials, cell components and their interfaces using various analytical techniques (physicochemical, structural and electrochemical techniques). · Development of a ceramic or composite all-solid-state...

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Postdoc Position in composite electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries Sólo en [en]?

CIC EnergiGUNE is seeking a Researcher for the development of new composite (polymer and ceramic)-based electrolytes. The postdoc will work in collaboration of the Polymer and ceramic Research lines and will integrate the group of Cells and Electrochemistry. Job function: Processing and characterization of polymer composite electrolytes Proof of concept study of solid state lithium batteries Characterize the materials using analytical instruments. Collaborate in writing proposals to secure funding from government and...

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